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You can watch an extensive self-reflection journey through 30 episodes on the Scotomaville Youtube Channel. You will learn by observation and mimicking while creating your video journal - the story of your Expedition - a journey with a purpose.

Through a Scotomaville Expedition, you will cultivate openness by understanding that "we don't see things the way they are; we see things the way we are." Your observation skills will improve by journaling with a smartphone to document your journey with a purpose. Objectivity is enhanced by being 'roped-in' with other Louisville explorers, peers that are sharing their journey, and with the support and guidance of a Facilitator, one that has gone before you, so in the words of Blaise Pascal, you can "follow in the way they began."

Self-care Reflection Beginning

This was recorded in the beginning - three years earlier.

Self-care Reflection Outcome

an Episode near the end of the Second Edition book.



  • OPENNESS - we're 100% wrong 50% of the time
  • OBSERVATION - video journaling w/a smartphone
  • UNDERSTANDING - knowing what to do with awareness

Download Chaper 12 from Volume Two - the video shown above - to sample the high-quality print wookbook.



Nick shares that "there are three skills that lead to better self-reflection," cultivating openness, improving observation, and understanding. You can learn self-reflection skills with modern tools by participating in a Louisville supported expedition or free-climbing the Scotomaville videos online. The facilitated Expedition requires an hour per Episode to watch the video, journal in the 336-page full-color workbook, and interact with other readers and explorers in an online discussion. We recommend a pace of one Episode a week, for a total of 30 weeks. Creating the story of your journey in Louisville can be as little as a year and up to a few years as with the Scotomaville series that Daniel authored/curated.

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It's always better to take action - even if poorly executed - than to freeze and not act.



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